Azizam by Hoori Shah Complete Pdf Novel

Azizam Novel

Azizam by Hoori Shah Complete Pdf Novel.

Vani Based Age Difference Social Romantic Based Story Azizam, Season Two of Aramish khatir Novel. Download Urdu Novel Pdf Famous and Best Urdu Novel.

Marry me, Daad, otherwise, Mama will marry me to Saadi Bhai. She was sobbing, folded her hands in front of him, she begged for love.

I love you, for God's sake, have mercy on me, I don't want to be in a relationship. You know I will die if this marriage happens, so please marry me. She was humming for love, begging him.

What a joke Gul Maine Khan is. On this action of his, there were bumps on his forehead. Dad She called out to him helplessly.

How can you even think that I will marry you, I have no interest in you, go from here, call Me Khan before that. Holding his arm, he brought him down and threw him out of his house. 

Love in Daad. For God's sake don't do that, I'll die without you. Even after such humiliation, she did not stop.

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