Man Yaram Man Janam by Uzma Mujahid Novel in Urdu Pdf

Man Yaram Man Janam by Uzma Mujahid Novel in Urdu Complete Pdf Free Download. Man Yaram Man Janam Online Urdu Novel in Pdf Download and Online Read Novel in Urdu.

Man Yaram Man Janam Novel Based on Vani and Haveli Based Urdu Romantic Novel. Man Yaram Man Janam Best Urdu Novel Complete Pdf Posted on Novel Bank.

This is the story of Khan Raees until a few days ago he was part of the Qubaili jirga of the area. Whose one mistake made him fall from heaven to earth.

The frenzy of aerial firing in celebration of the election cost him dearly when a local man was accidentally shot and died on the spot.

The police declared it an accident and made a general case of aerial firing only. But the family of the victim was not in favor of forgiving Khan Raees.

The family of the dead man want to "vani" Rais Khan's daughter as revenge for the murder. But he said that I am ready to do whatever you want, but I can't call my daughter "vani" which I have fought against.

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