Fairytale by Shama Elahi Novel Complete Pdf Download

Online Urdu Novel Fairytale by Shama Elahi Gangster Based, Kidnapping Based, Army Hero Based and Revenge Based Urdu Novel Downloadable in Free Pdf Format and Online Reading Urdu Novel Complete Posted on Novel.

You will find almost everything in this "Fairytale" Novel except Fantasy.

"Fairytale" based on Revenge, Suspense, Mystery, Comedy, Love Story, Kidnapping, Army Hero, Police Hero, and Gangster Hero.

In this Novel you will read three Couples.

The novel begins with the Revenge of "Black Devil".

  This novel is Family Based Most Romantic And Comedy Novel.

And its theme is nothing except "Love". 

While reading you will realize that even a simple life can become like a Fairytale if Love is Life Partner (husafer),

Because it is love that makes even a modest life non-trivial. 
That's why 
"Love is the only Fairytale"

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