Novel in Urdu Pakka Rang by Khola Fatima Complete Pdf


Pakka Rang by Khola Fatima Novel in Urdu Complete Pdf Free Download. Pakka Rang Online Urdu Novel in pdf download. Online Reading Novels in Urdu.

Pakka Rang Novel in Urdu written by Khola Fatima best urdu novel. Pakka Rang Urdu Novel Based on Brownish Age, Age Difference Based and Second Marriage Based famous urdu novel Complete Posted on Novel Bank.

This story is about a girl who is veiled. And her husband does not like her veil. Due to which he wants to marry again. The girl silently allows her husband to remarry.

Sometimes we think of woman as the most difficult puzzle in this world. But that is the simplest and purest form of this universe.

 Many people talk about a woman's infidelity. But in my opinion, when a woman wants someone, there is no one more patient than her.

She can pass every test of love but the condition is lawful and pure love. Nowadays everyone is cheating because that love is forbidden.

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