Ek Lafz e Mohabbat by Neelam Riasat Novel Complete Pdf

Complete Urdu Novel in Pdf Ek Lafz e Mohabbat written by Neelam Riasat Pdf Novel Based On Secret Agent, Child Abuse Based and Cyber Crime Based Urdu Romantic Novel Pdf Free Download.

Ek Lafz e Mohabbat Novels in pdf and pdf free download novels. Mental Health Probables Based Urdu Books Online and Free Urdu Novels Pdf.

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You'll be in more situation after reading each page, because every event unfolds one suspense and blend new one for you. 
Writer tosses the foremost  susceptible issue of our society very dauntlessly which is Child abuse.This novel  may be a  huge undertaking for awaking the psyches of people living in that society, where children are turning into breathing lifeless bodies  thanks to the brutality of terrible monsters.

1-  initially  you'll see the character of “Mangoo” the undercover agent in Pakistan who has a vigorous mission of recouping his nation from the tyranny of cruel people who manipulate innocent juveniles and give rise to indecent videos which are circulated like a
fire entering the sanctuary forest and turning innocent lifes into ashes. He wants  to place  those
people within the hands of law for everlasting punishment.
°How he will achieve his mission?

2- Then, you'l see a woman  named “Tashfa” who is an orphan, however despite of being ordinary in many sights, she is wadi amma’s sweetheart!

 • You’ll also see tashfa being during a  relationship with someone and making connection through phone messages.

• Who  is that the  person with whom she fall in love and talked? 

• Being conscious, responsible, lover  and therefore the emotional girl at the same time. what's the dark
secret behind her diverse behaviours? What are her
unpleasant past events, which had  clothed   to be her dismal nightmares? But, Despite of all shades, her one shade speaks all... “Tashfa being firm on her love  for somebody else.” But who  is that the  lover?

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