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Umera Ahmad name of fame and excellence, us the most talented and gifted Pakistani fiction writer, screen writer and urdu novelist. There are very little detail available about Umera Ahmad. She was born on December 10,1976 in Gujranwala Pakistan. she accomplished her master's degree in English from Murray college Sialkot. After completed her studies she appointed as a lecturer in Army public college. But later on she left her job for devoting her attention toward her writings completely.

She started writing Urdu novels and short stories from a very early age while still at college. She reveals the primary reason of her writings as "to better hand writing". Her first Novel was Zindagi Gulzar Hai Urdu Novel that was published in a women monthly Khuwateen digest, in 1998. The protagonist of novel Kashaf, a young woman raised by a single mother, faces a lot of class and gender bias while growing up. This novel is also dramatized and gained much appreciation from audience. It can be said that it is an Asian adaptation of "pride and prejudice". This novel dealt with some powerful themes and contained a message that launched Umera Ahmad as a visionary writer. Her later works cemented this early diagnosis of her talent. She then continuously writing for Khuwateen and Shua two of the most prominent monthly digest in Pakistan.
Another novel she penned was Meri Zaat Zara e Be Nishan, a collection of three urdu stories, Meri Zaat Zara e be nishan,So phela qadm dhrty hen and Ye Jo ik subh ka sitara Hy.

None of these three stories are interlinked . As the preface states this book is about ordinary people and there ordinary lives. Three simple stories but three very complicated situation is the best saying for this novel. This Urdu Novel is also dramatized and one of those rare cases where book adaptation to drama is equally superb. Another achievement of Umera Ahmad,s early work is Imaan Umeed Aur Mohabbat. it is a beautiful saga of a modest girl who did not trade her faith for love and dared to resist the strongest temptation ever. the novelist perfectly distinguished among desire,love and lust through this story.

Amarbail a Classic Urdu Novel deals with the story of unbalanced relationships, broken families, lust for Power, complexes, insecurity and sacrifices. This Urdu Story reveals the ugly face of officialdom systems social evils like corruption favoritism and injustice.
She always draws  the readers attention towards social enmvils and shortcomings

Hasil is one of such that Urdu story. It is a Social Romantic Urdu Novel with a touch of religion. This Novel also sets ground for her later famous novel Lahasil.

Lahasil  is the sequel of  Novel Hasil. it is the majestic tale of the souls running there lives driven by desire, belief, pride and prejudice and conveniently facing different trials in there lives this novel explain the importance of religious beliefs and faith in the life of a Muslim. It would be summarized by Umera Ahmad,s own words that "she couldn't have written it better". All of these early novels gave her a distinctive position among her peers. she used her writings to convey her own views and thoughts on everything to the masses. Though the success is recognized from the very start of her career, it was her 2004 best selling novel Peer e Kamil that launched her as one of the most dominating and influential novelist of this era in Pakistan. This novel is also responsible for making her a household name not only in Pakistan but also overseas too, wherever Urdu is spoken. In 2007, she went to England for her enrollment in a few creative writing and script writing courses at Arvan foundation,s Totleight Barton Center. After that she has also been working as a script consultant for many years. some of the major success under her belt have been Baaghi, Baki Irshad and digest writer.

After coming back from England she then proceeded to write Man o Salwa Novel one of her trademark literary work that further elevated her among her contemporaries. Man o Salwa is an epic outclass Urdu Novel on rizq e halal and finding Short cuts for achieving our goals, two very crucial issues tlof our life.
Allah Pak bless us with Muslim Nation Rizq e halal(halal foods) but we want Rizq e haram(haram foods) by short cuts and without efforts.

Another sizzling novel if this era is Aks. it's story based on a very unique and burning subject. She had narrated  a number of stories but this Novel verified her status as a unique and multi subject writer. Aks is a story of struggle, of injustice, of childhood traumas and life crippling hurdles bowing down and standing up each time you fell flat on your face. it us appeared in pakiza digest from August2011 to Decmber2012. 
Harf  Khani is another proof of her verstality and choosing mind blowing ideas for her stories. it is Umera Ahmad,s special book series for kids. It is a unique idea to make kids learn Urdu alphabets associating with a character which name begins with that alphabet. This series is also available in digital format on digital platform. 

Aab e Hayat is perhaps the most avaited, popular yet most controversial sequel to Umera Ahmad,s most celebrated Urdu Novel Peer e Kamil. It is a captivating story with a strong message. it teaches about life after marriage and with kids and to tackle obstacles and overcoming the fears.

Umera Ahmad is one of the top ranked novelist that are active today. her stories revolves around people's journey from earthly live to divine love. her latest novel Alif enhances this impression. It is a story that sheds light on the connection and relationship between man and Allah Almighty. The more straight that Alif is the stronger is the connection.

Umera Ahmad formatted many serials and complete stories she also composed many serials and plays for t.v. she rightly be considered the most famed and popular female Urdu writer. She had almost 50 Urdu Novels on her credit. Her later novels includes Durre Shewar, Kankar, Behad, Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hy, Aabro, Sanp Serhi, Baghii, Darbar and many more.

She also authored many telefilms like Darbar e Dil, Muskura ke Geo, Bus Ek Love Marriage, Hazar Ka Note, Hai Lau Zindagi, Daam e Mohabbat, Shrine, Sauda libas, Pari Khani, Aakhri Parinda, Muthhi Bhar Matti.

Her novels also translated in foreign languages like English and Arabic. In English following novels are translated.
The perfect mentor (Peer e Kamil)
Hollow pursuits(Lahasil)
Amar bail
Man o salwa
Alqaid ul misali is the arabic translation of 
Peer e kamil.
Her novels and stories are even projected on TV and they also carves a great spot in the heart of the audience.

In 2005 she won her best writer award for her serial WUJOOD E LARAIB. Man o salwa also got lux style award for best serial of 2006. Her novel turned drama Thora Sa Asman and malal earned her best serial award in lux style award in 2007 & 2009. She also received best writer Pakistan media award for malal in 2010.

To sum up it can be stated that Umera Ahmad is truly a gemstone that shines brightly through her distinct literary ganere. Social evils and psychology problems with an attribute of spirituality are the most notable characteristics of her writings. Her stlye is very straight forward and flawless. Novel Bank web provides the download link of all her novel in PDF format.

Umera Ahmed All Novels List.

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