Riaz Aqib kohler All Novels List

Riaz Aqib Kohler is one of the well famed and reknown novelist and Urdu story writer. He penned dozens of jewls in Urdu adab.

He belongs to a very respectable and upright family of D.I.G Khan. His elder brother Razaq Shahid kholer is also a prominent and well known novelist, story writer and poet.

Riaz Aqib kohler earned alit of fame and respect for his action and adventure Urdu novels. His most sparkling action and adventure spy novel is Sniper. It is a heart throbbing, thrilling and suspense story based on army. It depicts the life of a sniper, his sufferings, his task completion and it's co relation with the current situation of Pakistan. He saluted the hardships who relinquished army life.
Kohler is versatile social media writer.

Rakhail Novel is also one of the gemstone credits to him. It's a social Romantic Urdu Novel that displays the helplessness of a poor girl who faced the crulity of a gangster. The man wanted to use the girl but the girl took the revenge for all her exploitation.

He also wrote social romantic novels
Harf e dua is like such story describing the blessings of love and eternity.

All of his Novels show the mastery of his skills. His crowning achievement made him an apple of his reader,s eye.

His interest in history of Islam is depicted from his Burda Novel another achievement that describes the history of ancient Arab and rising of Islam.

In Mohabbat Soch Kar Karna Kohler mentioned the evils of society. He criticized the old tradition s which are against the teachings of Islam and the people following it blindly.

No doubt Riaz Aqib is a leading story writer and novelist who is writing for the monthly digest. His commond on language,his grip on characters and his domination over plot and story compels the reader to stuck the novel till the end. He pick up such topics an enthusiastic mind wants to read.. like

Daldal Novel (swamp) is action, adventure ,socio culture novel which highlights the story of those terrorists who are born due to false customs and rituals of our society.anyone who walks on this path starts sinking in the swamp of crime and violence..

Bhugtaan Novel is also a story with moral lesson..

Adawat Novel is a tale of two families that confront each other in the biggining but later on dissolve all their disputes and live happily ever after...

Riaz Aqib Kohler got high reputation for his motion novels..in this regard Bhagora Novel is a remarkable movement, suspense and thriller tale that illustrate the revenge of a young guy who fled from the armed forces with the assistant if a friend UMAR JHON Gandapur, killed all his enemies and took retaliation against the attack on his family.

In Junoon E Ishq Online Urdu Novel kohler describes the various aspects of life. it is a Social Romantic Urdu Novel. the narator brought some thrill and suspense to the story. It was recently published in a digest and got high popularity...

Among the list of kohler,s social romantic Urdu novels Wafa Hai Zaat Aurat Ki is the most reknown and remarkable Online Urdu story which discussed the loyality of a woman with her family. The writer highlights and tributes the sacrifice and struggle of the women to get the happiness in life. It is surely be called a reform story.

Kohler cast a megical spell upon his readers by his mysmirising stories and unique style of writing. Allah Pak bestows him a great mind to create such an adorable urdu novels and characters that leave a long lasting impression on reader's mind.

He strongly condmn the false and cruel rituàls of our society. He firmly protests against the feudal Lord system. In one of his afsanas OOTAQ he disclose the corrupt and loose character feudal Lord who used to call every newly wed bride in his OTAAQ.

Kohler has the ability to make his readers sedative to his novels.. He not only writes for the magazine and digests but has a countless online readers... He narates such type of takes that soothes not only the curious mind but also impart loyalty and patriotism in the nation.. His ceations spreads positive strings among the readers..

In a nutshell it can be stated that all his narrations and writings are able to be kept in the lime light. He authored such remarkable and lovely gemstones in Urdu adab that can not be forgotten and ignored.

Riaz Aqib Kohler Pdf Novels List.

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