Novel in Urdu Rang Khushbo Hawa Badal by Afshan Afridi pdf

Rang Khushbo Hawa Badal by Afshan Afridi Novel in Urdu Complete Pdf Free Download. Online Urdu Novels in pdf download and Online Reading Novels in Urdu pdf format.

Rang Khushbo Hawa Badal Novel in Urdu written by Afshan Afridi. Rang Khushbo Hawa Badal Novel Love Story Based Urdu Romantic Novel Complete Pdf Posted on Novel Bank.

This novel has been published in Kiran Digest from January 1997 to December 2000. There are stories of some such characters. For whom the color of feeling and the scent of love had surrounded the clouds of happiness.

Some of the characters that exist around us. which divide our lives into separate boxes. This novel with few such characters was the first episodic digest novel of my writing career. Which I wrote with great joy and created each character with a lot of heart.

This story is the story of Saheeba who has a monopoly on love and Narmeen who sacrifices herself for the sake of relationships. It is the story of Azdaki, who fulfills duty with love, and Farhad, who considers love as duty.

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