Novel in Urdu Qasoor War by Kinza Arshad Pdf Download

Qasoor War by Kinza Arshad Novel in Urdu Complete Pdf Free Download. Online Urdu Novel in Pdf Download. Online Read Novel in Urdu.

Qasoor War Novel Social Romantic Based and Society Reality Based Best Urdu Novel. This Novel Complete Pdf Posted on Novel Bank.

Every man in this world has to go through his share of trials, but man is impatient, he gets lost in the quest to find the "Qasoor War" of the injustice done to him, but never looks within himself.

Qasoor War is a novel that depicts many bitter and shameful realities of the society in a bold way. Reading this novel will make you feel like you are reading your own story. 

And it is my personal opinion that the guilt should reach every member of this society who knows how to read, especially the young boys and girls because this is the story of all of us which I have written for you with full responsibility.

It took me a year to complete this novel and during this time the positive way in which the readers encouraged me is definitely noticeable, 

I would like to thank the sincere readers and especially my husband Sahibzada Syed Hamza Ali Shah Ghelani who guided me step by step. May Allah grant you all the ability to read and understand these words, Amen. (Kinza Arshad)

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