Kallo by Hira Khan Novel in Urdu Complete Pdf Download


Kallo by Hira Khan Novel in Urdu Complete Pdf Free Download. Kallo Online Urdu Novel in pdf download. Online Reading Novels in Urdu.

Kallo Novel in Urdu written by Hira Khan best urdu novel. Kallo Novel based on Brownish Girl and Strong Heroin Based Urdu Romantic Novel Complete Pdf Posted on Novel Bank.

This is the story of a Brownish girl. Thus his name was Husan e Ara. But due to his dark brown complexion, he was called by the name of Kallo in the neighborhood, relatives and acquaintances.

This girl, possessing immense qualities, could not get the position she deserved in the society only because of her dark complexion. 

Beauty is no one's domain. And no one has his own perfection in it. But unfortunately in our society attractive and beautiful faces have been given priority.

Kallo Novel is also the story of one such girl. In which, the reality of duplicitous, and insensitive people is openly described. Whose purpose is only to hurt the heart, and to torture the creatures created by God.

From a religious point of view, 14 hundred years ago, Islam erased this outdated thinking. But alas, some of us do not stop making fun of God creation.

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