Complete Online Urdu Novel in Pdf Free Download and Online Read Urdu Novel Safar e Yaqeen e Mohabbat by Maria Farooqi Pdf Novel Based On Rude and Arrogant Hero, Love Story Based Free Urdu Novels Pdf Download and Urdu Novels Online Reading in Pdf. Download Urdu Novels Free Pdf Complete Posted on Novel Bank.

This story is about true and halal love, this is about the purity of relation and faith on Allah and purify of thoughts. 

This is the story of a girl who ran away from home to find out the truth about her parents, who were trapped in a mire of misunderstandings in search of the truth, and who walked on the path of fidelity. 

On this path she chooses many prethetic way that damage her and her honour but she want to do just for the truth and her truth has a who sense that create a too much problem in hero's family life and the hero who want to save his family from damages he try his best to take this girl away from that situation...... 

But he falls in love with her while taking her away from his truth This is the story of a rude, arrogant hero who can ruined the world for the sake of his and his family's honourm.